Best Dog Movies of All Times

There’s a lot mans best friend has done for us over the centuries. They guard our homes, accompany us on journeys, play with our children and are there for us when we need them.  With dogs being such an important part of our lives, Its only logical that they become a part of our entertainment. …

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Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever

The Labrador Retriever (also known as lab for short) was once also known as the St John’s Dogs and they are the most popular breed by registration in the United Kingdom and United states. Originating from Newfoundland, Canada they were originally used to haul fisherman’s nets to shore and were brought to England in the …

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Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are pack animals that were domesticated from the Gray Wolf over 15,000 years ago. Dogs have been selectively bred to inherit various characteristics that distinguish them from others within their species. This has given rise to a large number of dog breeds that can be used for various purposes. Developed into hundreds of breeds …

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How to House Train Your Dog

How to House Train Your Dog

This is without a doubt one the most important aspects of owing a dog. Without house training, your dog will leave poop everywhere for you to clean up. We can assure you that it is not a pleasant task. Most puppies can take up to 6 months to properly house train however the duration can …

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How to Train Your Dog

How to Train Your Dog

A poorly trained dog is a constant source of frustration for owners and many relationships are broken this way. Owners can’t understand that problems may have arisen because they haven’t trained their dogs in the correct way. Properly training your dog is of paramount importance for a happy relationship between you and your pet. Basic …

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Top 5 Largest Dog Breeds

From breeds that can sit comfortably in your lap to the true giants of the species, man’s best friend comes in all shapes and sizes. We are listing 10 of the largest dog breeds in world below.   1. Great Dane The Great Dane is renowned for its size and sometimes referred to as ‘Apollo …

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