Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire TerrierThe Yorkshire Terrier (also known as the ‘Yorkie’) was developed in 1800 in area around Yorkshire, England. It is a small dog of the Terrier type and its defining features are the blue silky hair and small size. These pint size dogs have big personalities and are joy to have around the house. Their size makes them desirable for smaller homes with adults or mature children.

1. Description

The Yorkshire Terrier is classified as a toy breed and has an average weight of 3.2 kg (7 pounds). Yorkies have long silky coat and dark hair on the back. The nose is black and the muzzle is medium sized with a flat head. Modern Yorkshire Terriers have a long tail. Yorkies are a self confident looking breed.

2. Temperament

Yorkshire Terriers are an adventurous breed. They seem unaware of their small size and are surprisingly brave for such a small dog. Yorkies are usually an affectionate breed but they require an owner who clearly demonstrates his leadership to the dog. This dog has a tendency for negative behavior without caring leadership from their owners. They are difficult to house break although basic obedience training can be imparted easily.

Although they are practically ineffective as a guard dog due to their small stature, Yorkshire Terriers make for great watch dogs and they alert their owners to a stranger’s presence. It is a desirable breed for families due to its loving nature towards its family.

3. Exercise requirements

Yorkshire terriers are very energetic and they love to go out with their owners for a walk. Their miniature size allows them to be fairly active in small houses and apartments. They require daily exercise for good health. They are primarily an indoor dog but they can easily adjust to a rugged life.

4. Use as work dogs

Like all terriers, Yorkies were primarily bred to hunt and kill rodents and can still be used for this purpose. They also make good watch dogs and alert their family to the presence of strangers and animals.

5. Grooming

This breed requires constant care due to the long flowing hair coat. Yorkies are very light shedders but daily brushing is required in most cases. The head hair is usually tied back with a ribbon to prevent them from obscuring their sight. Special care must be taken to keep their teeth clean.

6. General Health

The average life span for Yorkshire Terriers is from 10 to 15 years although smaller ‘Teacups’ (less the 3 pounds in weight) have shorter life spans. Yorkies are generally a healthy and active breed but they are prone to a number of specific illnesses. Some common ailments for this breed are given below.

– Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
– Medial Patellar luxation (problem with kneecaps)
– Urolithiasis (formation of bladder stones)
– Entropion (inward rolling eyelids)
– Tracheal collapse (Weakening of the trachea walls)

7. Recommended For

Yorkshire Terriers are an affectionate breed that does well in small houses or apartments and suit people/families with grown up children. They are not recommended for families with small children. They can be exercised without much effort and are recommended for people with sedentary lifestyles.

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