The Value of Friendship

Friends are the most important part of your life after family. There is no doubt that family is an important part of your life but it is also true that you cannot choose your family and family members. You have to take family as it is where as you can totally control the number of friends you make in your life. True friends are precious in this world.

Well I want to share something, some days ago while I was busy in my own world. I had lost connection with my friends due to my own commitments. I was neither happy nor stressful about daily routine. I was simply living my life. Then all of a sudden one day I met my best friend. We met almost after 3 years. My heart was filled with happiness. At that moment I realized that what was missing in my past 3 years of life. Every time I say good bye with a hope that we will meet again. There is no doubt that best friend is essential and you can share everything with your best friend.We were continuously in touch but unfortunately unable to meet but finally we just met.

Family can support you in hard times but trust me best friends can make everything very easy only by just having along with you. The same task without my best friend,I thought I will not able to complete it but only just by having my best friend with me gives me so much strength that I completed my task successfully.

Choose your friend wisely and don’t take them for granted. If you are able to find a true friend in this world,you must be very lucky. So respect them and take care of them. Keep in mind Friendship is not about to bound someone but it is all about sharing and caring of each other.

There should not be a one day to celebrate friendship day but every time you meet your best friend is a friendship day.

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