Teacher day

Education plays crucial role in our lives. Quality education can improve a person to be a better person. Teachers are correlated with the term education. Teachers are most respectable in any country. Good teacher can make a ton of difference in terms of building a nation that is why they are also known as nation builders. Teacher`s day is mostly celebrated on October 5th all around the world but also it is celebrated by different countries on different dates all over the year.

Most respectful and caring after parents are definitely teachers. There is huge responsibility on teachers because they have to teach future of the nation. Every person after parents first interacts with teachers in the school. Over each passing year students meet different teachers and learn a lot from them. Teachers are mentors, guides, leaders and a lot more. To be a teacher is the best job you can ever have. Teachers can lead you towards your destination. Teachers not only educate their students but also try to make every single student to be a better person. That is why they need appreciation.

We cannot thank our teachers for what they have done for us but at least we can meet or greet them on this day. Everyone is so busy in lives that we hardly have any time to say “thank you” to our teachers for being with us. This is the best day to realize the importance of your teacher. This day should be celebrated by appreciating their work. Happy teacher`s day to all. Celebrate your teacher`s day with your teacher.

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