Short Message Service (SMS)

short-message-serviceSMS stands for short message service. Mostly it is available in digital phones but it is becoming poplar in other devices as well. Some people call it a “text message” or simply “message” and more precisely also called txt. It’s really a quick way to send a little message to your friends and family members. SMS is lot economic than a regular phone call.


The idea of adding text message in the mobile service came in the beginning of the 1980s. At that time the basic aim of the test message was to send alert messages to the user like voicemail alert. Later on the horizon of text messages broadened and different operators started to use SMS for sending text messages from one mobile user to another.

The first commercial message sent on the Vodafone on 3 December 1992. Initial rate of messaging was really slow due to some problems in the billing system. In 1995 average messages per user per GSM network was 0.4, but at the end of 2000 it increased up to 35 messages per user and now a days it’s increasing more rapidly, especially in the third world countries.

SMS in Today’s World

In order to send SMS you have to pay on monthly basis or per message basis. Depending on the subscription it can be free. Some operators offer free SMS when you first subscribe. SMS can also send through website of the cellular service provider company or any other which offers such facility.

Limit for one standard SMS is typically 160 characters. If you write more then 160 characters then you should had to pay for another SMS, in case you are paying per message. In older phones you had to press key several times for writing words for example if some one want to write ‘C’ the he had to press ‘2’ three times, some phones have a feature of directory and T9 mode which automatically guesses the character on completing your word. You don’t need to press a key more than once. But now in all new smarts phones you have a complete touch keyword just like a laptop or desktop computers.

Alert Messages are basically information base messages. They give information about latest headlines and current sports score like cricket alert or even say wicket alert.Other alert messages are like ring tones, daily coats, horoscope, prayer timings, daily jokes and certain other features. For such alerts you had to sign up and pay charges for receiving these alerts. If you don’t pay on signup then you should charge on per message. Currently as the long distance tariffs are decreasing people call each other instead of sending an SMS, but due to the introduction of alerts messages the old fashioned text message still manages to survive.

In current world after evolution of phone Aplictaion. Now the usage of SMS almost becomes obsolete. Now people mostly use whats app, facebook, viber and imesaage. Now not only they can share text message but also they can share voice records, video and animation. They all new features makes the communication more interesting.

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