Latest Christmas Mehndi Designs – Holiday Special Mehndi Designs

Holiday season is a special relief for all of us. Mehndi was used to be an eastern thing, but now it’s making its way to the western countries as well. Mehndi is a from of temporary skin decoration or body painting. It is mostly popular in North Africa, Middle East and South Asia. Mostly girly use this body art in wedding events (also called Henna), but other festivals are equally suited.

Here are some of my Mehndi designs that I especially created to make you holidays more worthwhile. It’s a whole new concept, a merger of eastern fashion and western festivals. I used a lead pencil for demonstration purposes, but you should get the original mehndi material. It costs a couple of bucks. You can easily find it from an Indian store round the corner or you can also order it online. Who said looking different was expensive, enjoy!

We have vast variety of complex and simple mehndi designs on our website. You can look into it and get some inspirations.

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