Five reasons I think smart phones are evil

reasons-i-think-smart-phones-are-evilAs much as we revel in the goodness of the Smartphone, we are also aware of the fact that many people have cried more than they have laughed because of their smart phones.

1. Phone as a cause of accidents

Yes, these phones are evil because they cause accidents a lot. I was to take a statistics of the number of people who were injured in accident in the last years due to the fact that they were operating their phones while driving or walking the pedestrian areas, or that they were listening to music and did not hear the horns, and I marveled at the number. I discovered that Smart phones have injured more than any other kind of incidents.

2. Phone makes people inadequate

The next reason is the fact that Smart phones make people feel reduced and inadequate. I know many girls especially who would have been content with the things they have and manage these as the days goes by. But with the arrival of the smart phones and the media sites you can access on the go with it, this changed. It has been this friend of mine living in the north whom I have not seen before is using Brazilian hair. The other one that came first in the beauty pageant is not as beautiful as I am, yet I have not succeeded in such. Others will always say that that girl that I saw her picture last month has posted another image where she has lost ten pounds. As much as these can challenge you to make efforts, they make you feel inadequate, and in most cases over spend what you do not even have.

3. Concentration

Another area it handles badly is when it comes to our concentration. Now, we have been hammering on the concept of multi tasking, which we actually think is gotten best with the smart phones. But the simple truth about it is that the human being can never do two things at the same time. It can only shift from one task to the other, and this is what it actually does. By making regular use of the smart phones and multitasking so to say, we inculcate the habit of not concentrating on a thing for so long. This is an intellectual problem and in the long run, it deprives us of the ability to concentrate and engage in prolonged reasoning and cogitation.

4. Procrastination

The next is procrastination. Yes, if I tell you that the smart phones have not distracted many from their purposes in life, then I am lying. We are doing the social media sites for learning. But the time it occupies in our live these days surpasses times spent doing other meaningful things. In most cases, we just find out that we have postponed the very serious and meaningful things, only to enjoy eBay, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. A web content developer who does not have any body regulating him because he works from home, will cruise 4 hours on Facebook before starting his work in the morning, wasting time that should have produced 6 contents.

5. Anti Social Behavior

Yes, as much as it gives us a very shallow knowledge of many others who will never be willing to expose it all, it also reduces the level of intimacy we have. It takes the focus away from your close friends to the distant ones, who have no bearing in your life. A family that used to have good discussion before will no longer do such, as everybody gets busy with their phone when they come back from work.

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