Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are pack animals that were domesticated from the Gray Wolf over 15,000 years ago. Dogs have been selectively bred to inherit various characteristics that distinguish them from others within their species. This has given rise to a large number of dog breeds that can be used for various purposes.

Developed into hundreds of breeds dogs display a wide range of physical and behavioral attributes. Dogs have been dubbed as a man’s best friend and for a good reason too. They have played a significant role in human history. Whether it’s been the control of pests on farms or hunting game; herding livestock or guarding the home, dogs have been man’s reliable companions throughout the human history.

There are factors you should consider when deciding which dog to buy. We have listed some of the things to consider before getting a dog as well as included profiles of various dog breeds to help you decide if you are ready to have a dog in your house and what particular dog breed you should go for.

1. Why do you want a dog anyway?

All breeds have their own special abilities which have been enhanced due to selective breeding. Some dogs are good as working dogs, others for guarding and protection of property while some are good for loyal companionship at homes. Each breed has its merits and demerits. Choose carefully as this is a long term commitment.

Dogs require responsible owners who can provide for their pets and give them the love and attention they require. You need to decide if your lifestyle permits for a dog in the house and whether you have energy to deal with the occasional disruption it may cause.

2. Learning and training

Dogs are able to learn in a number of ways and display a level social intelligence that is not usually found in other animals. This allows trainers to use coercive methods to train dogs. The training of a dog is also dependent on the breed of dogs and the jobs that they are asked to perform. Some dog breeds respond well to training that requires them to perform repetitive tasks for example Border Collies. Other breeds respond well to varied training and tasks like the Pharaoh Hound. Remember, it’s not only the breed that counts but also the competence and patience of the trainer that makes a good pet!

While this is not the most important factor if you are just getting a dog for the home, it becomes a vital aspect if you are getting dog for a particular purpose.

3. The Dogs point of view

The general attitude displayed by a dog towards other animals and people is called temperament. A dog’s temperament should be one of the most important factors when deciding which breed to get for your home. For example you can get an intelligent and active breed if you are the outdoors type while a good nature and gentle breed will be more appropriate for those with young children in the home.

4. Size does matter!!

A dog’s size is also important depending on the size of the home it is going to live in. While this is not a problem if you’re choosing a small dog breed, do keep in mind that keeping large dogs in small apartments is not advisable. This is doubly true if you aren’t planning on exercising your dog too much. Smaller dogs have the advantage of being relatively cheap to feed and medicate compared to the larger dog breeds.

5. Grooming and maintenance

Grooming a dog properly requires time depending on the breed and size of the dog. Long haired dog breeds require regular brushing while dogs whit double coats require the removal of matting under the hair. Don’t get shedders or drooler if you are strict about cleanliness. This is an important factor to consider if you don’t have much time for grooming your dog.

We hope that our guidelines help you find the right dog for your home. Please feel free to browse blog to learn more about a particular breed of dog.

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