Convection mode microwave oven

There are many different brands which are selling convection mode microwave oven. It is basically a microwave oven like a regular one but it also have some extra functions in which convection mode is one of them. Other than convection mode some oven might also have grill mode, combination mode etc but main and mostly used modes are convection and microwave modes. Convection mode works just like any regular oven. It can bake cakes, biscuits, muffins, cupcakes, and whatever you want to bake in a regular oven. If you are new to baking here is list of top ten baking tips. There are some positives and negatives of this oven which are as follows:


  1. Suitable for small size houses and easy to clean.
  2. Occupy less space than regular oven.
  3. The glass plate keeps on rotating which helps food to cook evenly from every side.
  4. Preheat very easily due to small in size as compared to regular oven.
  5. Two or more than two functions in the same machine, which is good.
  6. Works 100% like a regular oven, with the same baking pans.


  1. Only one baking pan can be baked in this oven.
  2. You will need some height in order to cook the bottom of your cake correctly.
  3. Temperature is limited and you have to adjust with that limit.
  4. Limited size baking pans do their work well in this oven.

I hope this will help you in deciding whether you should buy it or not. You can use it for your normal daily use and this is also a great gift for someone who love to bake.


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