Coke Studio: A departure from innovation

Good music greatly affects our way of thinking. Coke studio has produced some great new songs and given the older songs a new twist, public has enjoyed that concept a lot. With the help of coke studio, music has grown a lot in Pakistan. As far as first 6 seasons are concerned, some great unforgettable songs were produced. Those 6 seasons were produced by Rohail Hayat, who was a vital part of one of the most popular bands in Pakistan’s history “Vital Signs”. But season 5 caught my attention the most. Each and every song of coke studio season 5 was so well composed and produced that it was hard for me to skip any song.

After producing 6 seasons Rohail Hayat left and Strings band joined the coke studio as producers. As far as their music is concerned, I am a big fan of Strings band and I like almost all their songs, so it’s easy to understand that the expectations were very high about their take on Coke Studio, but a lot of disappointment occurred because they were unable to do that. After producing season 7 and 8 (and making the fans angry and disappointed), it was decided that in season 9, songs will be produced by multiple music directors (including Noori band, Faakhir, Shuja Haider, Sheraz Uppal and more) and Strings will supervise them. As a result season 9 was very well produced as compared to previous 2 seasons under String band’s regime. It gave such a relief to all music lovers around the globe. Noori band produced some quality music in season 9.

This year Coke Studio has now returned with season 10.Huge disappointment so far as 4 episodes are already on air and each and every song is worse than previous one. You can agree or disagree with me on this, but come on what is going on? I am hardly able to listen to any song for the first time, let alone listen to them on repeat. For example in Episode 3, song Laal Meri Pat(Artists: Quratulain Balouch, Akbar Ali & Arieb Azhar) was done so badly that I don’t have any wish to listen to it completely. Each song is done in such a poor manner. Huge disappointment from each and every episode. It can be done in a better way. Music is not good, even music and lyrics don’t even sync. I am not enjoying this season so far…

But few episodes are still left. I hope that some good music is yet to come and producers will listen to our complaints. Still hope that they will learn from their previous experiments and upcoming episodes will be better than ever. At this stage, all we can do is Hope for the best.

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