Apartment Pets – The best pets for Apartment living

Apartment PetsLiving in an apartment can sometime make it difficult to own the pet of your dreams, but with proper nutrition, care and exercise, there are many wonderful apartment pets or animal companion options to be had. Dogs and cats can make great additions to your apartment family, but animals like reptiles, birds, fish and some small rodents can also fit right into your lifestyle and into your heart.

Cats as your Apartment Pets

Traditionally, most people like to have either cats or dogs living in their apartments homes with them. When it comes to cats, most do quite well as an apartment pets, as they don’t require a lot of training or space. They don’t need to be walked or let outside and often don’t require as much attention as some other pets. Although, you may need to consider some things before choosing as cat. In addition to their low maintenance style, cats are also good option if you’d like two pets because cats often enjoy being in the company of other cats and don’t take up much space. There are different cat breeds option available and you can choose them according to your personality.


Dogs, on the other hand, offer a great variety of breeds options that best suited to the owner’s personality. While many do breeds prefer to be in a place with a large yard for frequent exercise, there are many dogs that acclimate quite well to apartment living. Most smaller breeds are recommended for people in apartments or without yards, but breeds like basset hounds, boxers, bulldogs, greyhounds and schnauzers are known to adjust to smaller spaces with regular exercise and care. These breeds are simply suggestions, as they tend to be less active dogs, but if you’re willing to spend the time to get your dog proper exercise and trail it well, any dog can be a great addition to your apartment. There is an article on our website where we discuss things need to consider before choosing a dog.

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Reptile or Amphibian

If you are looking for a slightly more non-traditional pet, there are tons of options to pursue depending on what animal you find interesting and compatible to your lifestyle. If a reptile or amphibian interests you, consider getting a small to medium sized frog, gecko, bearded dragon, ball python, king snake or turtle. These are good reptiles and amphibians to state with if you’ve never had one under your care.

Birds and Small Rodents

Birds and small rodents can be other great apartment pets options for apartment dwellers because they don’t require outdoor exercise and take up minimal space in your apartment. For birds, because you are living in an apartment with neighbors near by, it is important to think about birds that don’t male lot of noise. This means large parrots and macaws are probably out of question. Birds that offer company and cuteness without a lot of noise are finches, canaries, African grays, brown heads, pionus, Meyers and Senegal. Small rodents usually require a bit more time to take care than birds or reptiles, but much less than cats and dogs. Some to consider are hamsters and gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, ferrets, chinchillas and hedgehogs.


If cats, dogs, reptiles, birds and small rodents don’t seem right for you, don’t forget about the possibility of adding a fish to your family as apartment pet. Owning a fish requires the least amount of maintenance and has seemingly infinite breed options. Tropical fish are beautiful and quite popular, but they require a salt water tank. If you haven’t had any experience with a salt water tank, it would be a good idea to start simple with a fresh water fish, as they tend to be lower maintenance.

Pets can be a wonderful addition to your family and to your home. You have many choices about what type of apartment pets you want to share your life with, even if you are living in a smaller space. Apartment living does not have to prevent your from owning the pet of your dreams.

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