Welcome to Learning Paradise Hub

Our aim is to put everything we have learned (so far in our lives) online, so it may prove useful to someone out there. We also want to encourage healthy discussions through this platform so we can also learn from you guys and ultimately, help each other.

We divided this platform into three major sections, i.e., Science, Food and Art.

Science: Physics has been our favorite subject since, FOREEVER! And we know a lot of you guys out there are having a hard time memorizing the concepts and solving the numerical. Huge books with hundreds of pages, you are supposed to RATTA-fy full chapters and then solve exercises given at the end. We are here to share the burden with you. Make sure to check out all the posts in this category.

Food: Who doesn’t like food, right? We love to try new Recipes from all over the world and create our own by adding a DESI TARRKA (#ForeverDesi). From Pizza to Naan Khatai and from Bun to Fruit chhat, you name it. Make sure to check out all our recipes and try them out. If you have any suggestion or if you want to share your Naano ki khaas recipe, feel free to contact us.

Art: Let’s face it, we’re not Leonardo Da Vinci, but when it comes to Mehndi designs, well, everyone in family thinks we know our stuff. We create designs on paper before beautifying someone’s hands with it. Now we have gathered a load of those pages and instead of publishing a chunky book, we’re sharing it with you guys. Make sure to check out all designs.

If you have any suggestions to improve out content feel free to contact us. If you like our posts do share them with your friends on facebook, twitter, email etc. And yeah, we’re social too. Make sure to follow us (facebook, twitter) everywhere, and… WELCOME again.